I’ve always been a creative at heart – but my love for cameras began at the turn of the century. As a young girl my parents bought me traditional film cameras and I spent years taking photos of everything and anything I could. After years of begging, I received my first DSLR aged 12 years old and from there trained and taught myself to master the art.

I know it’s hard to find the right wedding photographer. Typically, photographers are a dime-a-dozen in this day and age and you may be swamped with choices at this point. So what can I say to make myself stand out from the crowd? Well, for starters you can check out my recent weddings or even read my reviews or the testimonials clients have left – but any respectable wedding photographer can provide those! I’ve won various awards for my photography – but the main thing that sets me out from the crowd is my love of the craft. I’m self-taught and made, I built my business from the ground up and earned my talents through hard work and experience working in the industry.

I believe that photography is a form of storytelling. I don’t shoot things simply for the way they look or their artistic value,  I photograph the way they make me feel. I capture the little moments that define who we are and preserve a tiny fraction of a soul in a photograph. When I’m working on a project, browsing through images or making adjustments I’m not thinking just about how the composition looks or whether the colours are pleasing – I’m remembering the moment in that photo and communicating it’s energy into something that can be cherished.

I’m quiet, approachable and open minded. I love a challenge and prefer to be the observing party who preserves beautiful memories rather than the centre of attention. I love to live in the moment, love too deeply and travel too far – I have that wanderlust that makes me dream of far away places and the job that lets me chase them.

I am also a member of The Guild of Photographers, a professionally qualified member of the Societies of Photographers listed on the SWPP as a Wedding Photographer and am fully insured (against theft, damages, PI and PL).

I live with four cats and a dog in Kent.

I have one son, Oscar and one partner (who’s not much more mature!), Adam.

I’m a self-confessed Netflix addict.

I won a Blue Peter badge when I was a kid.

I was working towards being a vet until I dropped out of school and picked up my camera full time.

My idea of a perfect Friday night is curling up in bed with a good book and a bag of Wispa.

I hate coffee. Hot chocolate only for me.

I love rock music and Disney movies.

My surname is pronounced “Cr-uh-tcher”. Like in “Crutches”.



For anyone who really wants to get to know me – I also write a small, personal blog with a variety of topics, from motherhood to reviews. https://unstoppabelle.wordpress.com/