My Top 10 Favourite Wedding Detail Shots of 2017 6
1 January 2018

My Top 10 Favourite Wedding Detail Shots of 2017

My Favourite Wedding Detail List…

Happy 2018, everybody! I hope that you all saw in the new year with loved ones and full hearts, doing what made you happy. One of the things that makes me happiest in the world is taking photographs, so to celebrate the new year, I have comprised a short summary of my favourite wedding detail shots from 2017. All of these shots were photographed by me at my 2017 weddings – so if you’re a 2017 bride, take a look and see if you made my favourite details this year!

1. The Lego Couple

lego wedding ring shot photography

This ring shot may remain one of my all-time favourites. As soon as I saw my couple’s awesome lego cake topper, I knew I had to create a special image for them with their wedding rings.


2. Jimmy Shoes

jimmy choo bridal photography shoes

It’s a simple piece, but I love this black and white snap of Bianca’s Jimmy Choos – there is something very elegant about this, and remembering the label and details of the shoes she wore for her wedding day.


3. The Tiara

bridal tiara headband photography

Another close-up, I managed to preserve the intimate details of this bride’s tiara – picturing the beautiful craftsmanship that she wore to decorate herself.


4. Back to Nature

wedding ring photography natural leaves autumn outdoor

This may be my all time favourite photograph. I love everything natural – so getting the chance to create an autumn-themed ring shot for my autumn couple this year was an absolute joy.


5. The Flowers on the Cake

flowers on wedding cake detail close up

A very simple photograph, I love the focus on the tiny flowers that adorned this couple’s cake (a stunning naked cake this summer).


6. The Morning with the Dress

wedding dress photography window

I love wedding detail dress shots, and there’s something very raw and real about this shot taken on the morning of Sonia & Ben’s wedding, that makes me feel a lot of beautiful things.


7. Ted Baker

ted baker wedding jewellery

It’s very important to capture all the details – and to not just picture them, but remember them. That’s why I included the name and label in this detail shot – remembering where it came from.


8. An Irregular Choice

wedding shoes irregular choice wedding detail

Irregular Choice shoes are rising to a new popularity – with more and more of my brides choosing them for their wedding day. These are a pair of my favourites – an already-loved pair by this bride, another thing she loved for her wedding day.


9. The Details of the Dress

wedding dress shot

I have a soft spot for embroidery and lace detailing on wedding dresses – the intricacy encaptivates me entirely; I’ve always been interested by dress designing. I love this dress captured against the morning light, and how you can see it’s beautiful detailing.


10. Seaside Rings

beach themed wedding ring photography shot wedding detail

This wonderful couple incorporated a seaside theme in their wedding – which was right by the beach! I love this ring shot, in which I used their beach-themed table centrepieces to capture their jewellery.


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