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Being a wedding photographer means being let into a person’s personal world and having the honour of recording it for them. To see the love that radiates between a couple who are committing to each other for life is truly inspirational. 

I thrive off of emotions, individuality and seeing the little things that make all the difference in the world to a relationship. The slip of a smile on his lips as the words “I do” fall out of your anxious mouth; the tears in your father’s eyes as he walks you down that aisle you’ve dreamed of; the way that you hold him as he kisses you for the first time as man and wife. These are the reasons I fell in love with weddings: to see you happy makes my own heart soar. I want to remind you what those moments felt like forever. I want to inspire those emotions in you again through my work – and if I can do that, then I’ve succeeded. Photography to me is not just the click of a button or looking through a lens: it is physical memories – emotions. The real ones, that you lived and loved and felt. Given back to you by me in exchange for including me in your wedding. Whether it’s your wedding photography, engagement photography or the sparkler exit at the end of the night, I’m at home and in my element watching true love.


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