london bus wedding photography
11 September 2017

Jennifer & James’ Bromley Wedding Photography with a London Bus!

Jennifer and James first met as teenagers, young hearts. But it was many more years before they realised that they were meant to be together. 17 years later, they tied the knot in a wonderful, family-filled ceremony in South-East London and honoured me with the task of capturing their Bromley wedding photography.

We began our day together photographing bridal prep at the Bromley Court Hotel, a large hotel which is ideally located with a bird’s eye view of both London and the Kent countryside, including two acres of beautifully landscaped gardens. A glorious venue, if I’ve ever seen one, the bride and her wedding party were getting ready between the bridal suite and another room, with the rooms filled with laughter and their kids!

Once the make-up was applied, the hair sprayed one last time and the dress laced, everybody carted themselves over to the wonderful London Bus that Jennifer and James had hired to transport their guests (and graciously, myself and my assistant!) around for the day. Can I say, the experience of hanging out of the back of a traditional big-red-bus on a pole is one I won’t ever forget – since I was born too late in the 20th century to enjoy it for myself before! Being traditionally vintage, at one point, we were convinced we would have to cheer the driver on to ensure that the bus made it over some of the steeper hills – but it got us securely to the registry office and was a wonderful trip!

Arriving at Croydon Registry Office, the usual brief period of waiting with the mingling guests passed before the short, sweet ceremony transpired (featuring quite a few tears shed, though I won’t name from whom!) and the guests congratulated the bride and groom before everybody bundled onto the bus and made the (slightly more squashed!) journey back to the hotel, with drinks! (And lots of near-falling over!)

The B&G decided to snap some formal group photographs beside the bus, as it stopped outside the hotel – before I stole them for a private moment alone in which I could capture their newly-wed bond! After the portraits were over, we all relaxed as more guests arrived, the speeches were hurrah-ed and their wonderfully elegant breakfast began. A short while later, the disco was started – with their magnificent choice to hire out a fondue-fountain, a slush-puppy machine, candy-floss machine and a photobooth together, the guests were thoroughly delighted! Running a little late into the evening, the bride and groom shared their first dance with their children before starting the party, and everyone enjoyed themselves late into the evening.

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