personalised wedding snapchat filter
7 February 2015

Get your own Personalised Wedding Snapchat Filter!

Who doesn’t use snapchat in this day? When we go to a party, we snap everybody we know a gazillion pictures. But how about you make it really personal? Have your guests be able to access your very own, personal event snapchat filter (the kind you see at festivals and can use!) that will be customised with your names and/or date and some gorgeous graphics. They can lay it over their snaps and show off your wedding even more! It’s your wedding day! Make it a big one!
I will professionally design your filter with your details and set it up so that anyone who comes to your venue during the time of your wedding will be able to access it and lay it over their snaps for everyone to see!
How much does a personalised snapchat filter cost?
​This costs £12.99 total including design and set-up – or it’s included free in my full day collection if you request it!