• Please note: Some locations require a permit to photograph there. Generally these permits are quite affordable and sometimes even free; all you may have to do is fill out paperwork in advance. Thankfully most locations that do have fees will recognize the difference between me (a simple portrait photographer) and a large crew that is filming a movie or other large production. This means that their fees are usually quite reasonable for us, usually in the range of £25-£100.

    If you choose a loction that charges a fee for a permit to photograph there, the responsibility for paying this fee is yours.

    Please research whether your location charges a fee or requires a permit to photograph there. Alternatively, I can recommend a number of smaller, pretty locations that don't require a permit, should you not wish to purchase a permit for a location.

  • *The Mood Board*

    Would you like to set up a Pinterest mood board, which you can add ideas to - to create an "idea board" featuring your thoughts and interests? This is less of a fixed "shot list" and more of a relaxed gallery featuring the tone of what you would like from me.

    You can use this to "pin" images from other galleries on my website (www.emilycrutcher.co.uk) or my portfolio gallery that you LOVE or like for inspiration and would enjoy incorporated in your own way.

    Descriptive Captions: When you "pin" something, please write a short, quick description about what is it you like about this particular photo - whether it's the lighting, the location, the emotions, the posing, the composition or something else. If necessary, you can even add images that you really DON'T like - providing you state in their description what it is you dislike about the photo, so I can bear this in mind.

    Since you booked me for my style, it is preferable if you choose examples from my own website when making your board. However, it is okay to add a couple of examples from other sites if there is something you are particularly in love with that you haven't seen me advertise.

    Please tick the box below if you have read the above and are really keen to set up a mood board with me!

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