why book a wedding photographer in kent
6 March 2016

Why should you book me as your wedding photographer?

I have always loved photography. It’s my passion, my hobby, I live life through the lens. I don’t take photos for the money, I genuinely do this because I enjoy it. I think that’s a great quality to look for when you’re searching for a wedding photographer because someone who LOVES their work is always going to put so much more into it than someone who simply works it as a source of income. 


I’m a fairly laid back person: providing I have information about your day and you’re willing to be mindful me taking photographs, I don’t have any huge requests that you should honour to work around me. It’s your wedding day, and I want to be as helpful as possible to make sure everything runs smoothly for you. You’ll frequently find me helping out the other staff if I have a spare second to make sure everything is going brilliantly for you: and I’m willing to do whatever is necessary to fit in with your wedding day! At the end of the day, what you want is what you should get on your big day…. so if you want me to do something crazy for your theme… like dress up like a giant chicken, then hell, I’ll do it. (maybe a little awkwardly, but hey, it’s a giant chicken costume..) 

I know you want to ask a lot of questions… ask away! Whatever it is, even if it sounds silly, please just go for it – I’d rather you asked than didn’t and were confused or unsure. I’m happy to chat with you over email or on the day about whatever it is you need to talk about! 


Attention to detail is a quality I admire in many people, perhaps because I’m a little obsessive myself about getting everything perfect. I want to make sure everything looks great, every little tiny thing – because one small detail can make a picture. 


I’m always up front about an issue – good or bad. If you’re enquiring to pay for something or buy something through me, I’ll always let you know in detail if there’s a deal I’m running that lets you get it for cheaper. I’m always honest about my intentions and plans for your photography and happy to answer any questions you should want to ask 🙂 


I love children! You’d be surprised how many photographers I know that actually don’t like children, and although I’m sure I couldn’t fault their quality, being “good” with children is something I pride myself on in my work and something I think that sets me apart from others. If I were the guest at a wedding, you’d find me playing and dancing with the children – amusing them and making them laugh rather than getting drunk and falling over on the dance floor! It’s my opinion that children can just make a wedding – and their photos just look so sweet. 


Oh, do I really need to explain these? These things sell themselves… you get a personal URL that has your own personal password on it so you can share it with family and friends – but nobody without a password can access it! You can download and view all your photographs in this album and it means you can see your photos instantly when they’re ready rather than waiting for the postman, if that’s what you want!